United Pipe Tackles Truck & Driver Availability

One of the continuing causes for increases on commodity products like steel pipe, copper tube and PVC pipe is the availability of truck transportation, or lack thereof. The Washington Post published an article about the current “severe trucker shortage” in the United States which reports on the contributing factors that have led to this jam. As drivers become more in-demand, their compensation is becoming more competitive. Also, due to new government regulations that better log their allowable hours, drivers aren’t able to take as many jobs.

Delivered From A United Pipe Truck

Because of this, deliveries of pipe products from mills (or other master distributors) are sometimes delayed, and costs continue to rise. While United Pipe is not insulated from these cost increases, what continues to set us apart is that we operate out of 12 strategically located distribution centers across the country, and we deliver pipe products to wholesalers with our own fleet of flatbed trucks, driven by our own employees (we even help hand-deliver!). We do not rely on third-party carriers to make our regularly scheduled deliveries to wholesalers.

In addition, we allow our customers to break bundles and mix & match product categories to make a low minimum weight for free-freight-allowed. While other master distributors and mills are raising weight or purchase minimums in this competitive market and often cannot guarantee delivery times, United Pipe remains consistent with our low FFA for weekly scheduled deliveries from our own fleet. With us, buy what you need when you need it and protect yourself from the volatile commodities market.

United Pipe representatives are here for you, and are knowledgeable in all product specifications and current market dynamics. Please call for more information or to place orders: 1-800-777-7473

With United Pipe, you can:

  • Break bundles
  • Mix & match products to make weight minimums
  • Take advantage of milk run delivery schedules
  • Get jobsite deliveries
  • Get MTRs for all Steel pipe orders
  • Schedule deliveries, made on a United Pipe truck

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