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Import Steel Pipe Bundles

Import Steel Pipe Increase Coming 4/29/19

Due to the rising cost of Import Steel pipe, United Pipe & Steel and Merfish Pipe & Supply will increase prices by a minimum of $50/ton or 5% on Import welded steel pipe taking effect in stages over the next 30 days per the below schedule: Minimum of a $25/ton or 2.5% Increase taking effect […]

Domestic Steel Pipe, United Pipe & Steel Corp.

Coming 2/4/19: New Domestic Steel List Price Sheet

Due to escalating costs, domestic steel pipe mills have announced an increase of 4% on all products going into effect immediately.  We will hold current price levels through this Friday, February 1st and switch to the new list price sheet on Monday, February 4th. We will upload the new list price sheet on our website […]

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Effective 1/28/19: New Domestic Steel Pipe List Price Sheet

A new list price sheet for Domestic Steel pipe is now available (click here to view).  New multipliers are in effect as well, which you can get from your United Pipe representative.  Call us for your multiplier, additional information or to quote orders: 1-800-777-7473 More Info: Domestic Steel Pipe List Price Sheets United Pipe Services […]

Steel Market Updates: What You Need To Know

Our friends at Wheatland Tube have compiled a Steel and Market update for August, with the key piece of information being that Steel prices remain at record high level.  See below for a breakdown. Underlying Fundamentals Rising Input Cost Lead Times Extended to 5-8 Weeks Record High Transport Cost (due to driver shortages, click here […]

United Pipe Tackles Truck & Driver Availability

One of the continuing causes for increases on commodity products like steel pipe, copper tube and PVC pipe is the availability of truck transportation, or lack thereof. The Washington Post published an article about the current “severe trucker shortage” in the United States which reports on the contributing factors that have led to this jam. […]

Update on the Steel Market

Currently affecting the cost of steel pipe – tariffs, raw materials availability and freight. Watch this video from Wheatland Tube to learn a little more about the current market. Call us for more info, or to place orders: 1-800-777-7473

Domestic Steel Pipe, United Pipe & Steel Corp.

New Domestic Steel List Price Sheet

A new Domestic Steel pipe list price sheet will go into effect Monday, June 11th. Click here to see the sheet now. Call your United Pipe representative on Monday morning to get your multiplier and to place orders: 1-800-777-7473 Domestic Steel Pipe – SureThread Continuous Weld (CW) from Wheatland Tube & Electric Resistance Weld (ERW) Our […]

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Domestic Steel Pipe Increase

Due to escalating input costs, Domestic Steel pipe mills will be increasing prices with all new orders effective immediately by the amounts below: CW (Surethread) 4% Grade B ERW Pipe 5% Sprinkler Pipe – Black and Galvanized 4% We will hold pricing at current levels through Friday, June 8th at 5pm EST.  Click here to […]

Mexico, Canada and others may be exempted from US steel tariffs

Update 3/8/18:  The President has signed into action tariffs on import steel.  Get key details now at:  unitedpipe.com/232 Today, the White House suggested that Mexico, Canada and other countries may not be subjected to steel tariffs that may be put into place due to the Section 232 investigation. At a press conference, the White House […]

Import Steel Pipe from United Pipe & Steel Corp.

Import Steel Pipe Increase

Due to the rapidly changing market dynamics on Import Steel Pipe, we have instituted a new list price sheet taking effect immediately: Click here to see prices for all California markets. Click here to see prices for all other markets. You can see all of our Import Steel Pipe products by clicking here. We continue to […]