Our Logistics & Inventory Operations Manager on Improving Shipper/Carrier Cooperation

The Commercial Carrier Journal Solutions Summit was recently held in Phoenix, and Chris DeWolfe, our Logistics and Inventory Operations Manager, had the chance to speak on a panel about the new policies and investments United Pipe is making to guarantee efficient and on-time pipe deliveries by freight carriers to our distribution centers.

Because of new DOT policies and other considerations that have tightened up the freight market, our operations team has implemented these new guidelines to help us keep inventory high for our wholesale customers, allowing our own fleet of trucks and drivers to fulfill orders on your regularly scheduled delivery day.

An important part of these new policies is the human element, and how optimizing a driver and experience with us is the best way to guarantee continued results. From the article:

DeWolfe says his company has invested in its facilities to give drivers a comfortable place to take breaks. Heniff Transportation Vice President of Performance and Analytics Justin Neal says all the company’s new facilities have placed an emphasis on driver break rooms and newer trucks.

DeWolfe says the conversation carriers have with shippers asking for improved driver amenities can be an uncomfortable one but they are necessary.

“I want to hear all that stuff,”he says. “What can we do to improve?”

Read more about how respect and technologies are key in improving shipper/carrier cooperation at ccjdigital.com

(Photo credit:  Aaron Huff)