New Domestic Steel List Price Sheet

A new Domestic Steel pipe list price sheet will go into effect Monday, June 11th. Click here to see the sheet now. Call your United Pipe representative on Monday morning to get your multiplier and to place orders: 1-800-777-7473

  • Domestic Steel Pipe –┬áSureThread Continuous Weld (CW) from Wheatland Tube & Electric Resistance Weld (ERW)
  • Our Locations – 12 distribution centers across the U.S.
  • Our Services – Break bundles, mix-and-match all products for low FFA, weekly scheduled deliveries, job-site deliveries from our own fleet of trucks and more!

We continue to recommend that you use our services as a weekly pipe distributor to lessen the risk associated with these volatile commodity products. Please call us with your Copper, PVC, Steel pipe and Electrical conduit needs at 1-800-777-7473.