Domestic Steel Pipe Increase

Due to escalating input costs, Domestic Steel pipe mills will be increasing prices with all new orders effective immediately by the amounts below:

  • CW (Surethread) 4%
  • Grade B ERW Pipe 5%
  • Sprinkler Pipe – Black and Galvanized 4%

We will hold pricing at current levels through Friday, June 8th at 5pm EST.  Click here to see our Domestic Steel products and list price sheets, which you can see your individual list prices by inputting your multiplier. Please call your United Pipe representative for your multiplier, and to place orders.

We continue to recommend that you use our services as a weekly pipe distributor to lessen the risk associated with these volatile commodity products. Please call us with your Copper, PVC, Steel pipe and Electrical conduit needs at 1-800-777-7473.