Copper Is up, Multiplier Change on Copper Tube

UPDATE 6/6/18:  Copper closed up over $.06 again, and mills are increasing multipliers by another 2.5% as of COB 6/6/18.  All quotes have expired.  Please call your United Pipe rep for pricing and info: 1-800-777-7473

With copper closing above $.06 today, after closing UP yesterday (click here to see the COMEX), copper mills have announced a multiplier change which will go into effect as of close-of-business today.

Click here to see our copper products and list price sheets, which allow you to enter your multiplier to see your individual list prices. To get your multiplier or to place orders, call your United Pipe representative now: 1-800-777-7473

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We continue to recommend that you use our services as a weekly pipe distributor to lessen the risk associated with these volatile commodity products. Please call us with your Copper, PVC, Steel pipe and Electrical conduit needs at 1-800-777-7473.