Ask And You Shall Receive

Who do you market to?
United Pipe only distributes to wholesalers. We are "Wholesale or No Sale!"

I’m a mill buyer – why should I buy from a Master Distributor?
Buying from a Master Distributor can make sense for customers no matter how big they are.  Even if a wholesaler can buy from a mill, it doesn’t always make financial sense to do so.  For example, in the current volatile economic situation, many smart wholesalers are going through a destocking process, carrying as low an inventory level as possible.  Buying from a Master Distributor allows wholesalers to keep inventory levels low, and fill rates high.

Can you deliver to our customers or to a jobsite?

Yes, but only on a wholesaler's purchase order. We do not sell to contractors, so you can have full confidence that we will not poach your customers.

How can I make freight pre-paid?

Customers can mix and match various pipe products to make our low freight minimum (2,000 lbs in most geographies).  All materials are delivered at one time on the same truck.  

How often do you make deliveries?
All customers can expect at least one scheduled delivery every 2-5 business days.

What if I need a delivery before my scheduled delivery day?

United can service immediate delivery needs by scheduling a special delivery appointment or customers are welcome to come pick up material at one of the distribution centers.